FTX's DeFi reverberations and how Uniswap's volume compares with centralized exchanges

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Given the events of the past fewer weeks, it seems similar nary trading table is harmless from the contagion of the FTX Collapse. DeFi fared well, due to the fact that you can’t negociate with a astute contract. Still, determination volition beryllium repercussions to DeFi and on-chain activity. The carnivore marketplace has already led to the lowest DEX volumes successful 2 years.

The tweet supra points to outflows from on-chain uncollateralized lending platforms arsenic their people clientele (market makers) shrink backmost their engagement arsenic recognition tightens crossed the board. There mightiness beryllium different downstream effects connected caller DeFi products that whitethorn not find a marketplace successful this hazard appetite environment.

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Uniswap has nary adjacent successful the DeFi world, wherever it occupies much than 85% of the marketplace share. Its competitors are the large CeFi exchanges. The illustration supra - taken from an Alastor study for Uniswap Governance - shows conscionable however competitory it is with the centralized players with 15% of non-BTC/stable marketshare successful Q3, 2nd down Binance. The illness of the #3 speech volition beryllium an accidental for Uniswap to turn marketshare, particularly arsenic investors present recognize the entreaty of DeFi’s transparency and sovereignty. Given that Binance’s DEX astir apt occupies astir 1% of wide marketplace measurement - I wonderment what it expects the DEX/CEX marketplace stock divided to beryllium successful 2-3 years?

The report from Alastor has tons of different large info, peculiarly connected the interest market.

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