Japan’s Largest Airline Takes Flight with Travel-Inspired NFTs

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Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), is flying precocious successful the Web3 realm, showcasing a committedness to travel-inspired NFTs via its caller marketplace, ANA GranWhale. 

In collaboration with its subsidiary, ANA Neo, ANA GranWhale is taking formation with a limited-edition inaugural creation postulation captured by the iconic aerial lensman Luke Ozawa. Through captivating imagery, Ozawa delivers an awe-inspiring position of the satellite from above, inviting everyone to research the wonderment of the skies and earthy quality for 100,000 yen per NFT. One of these assets is besides disposable alongside a movie astatine auction.

Striving to heighten lawsuit experience, ANA’s ambitious plans see embracing NFT utilization and enriching the worth these integer assets connection by delivering immersive and innovative experiences. 

#ANA NFT事業を始動😎📯

ANA GranWhale NFT MarketPlaceをオープン💫 ANAもNFT商品を販売します💙#ボーイング787 初号機の幻のデザインが #NFT で登場⁉️🤩🤩

詳しくはこちら✈️https://t.co/sQU79HWYpV#ANANEO #鯖ジェット pic.twitter.com/uQWP5Bh6G4

— ANA Group News (@ANA_Group_News) May 30, 2023

Gliding ANA GranWhale to Greater Heights

Despite launching recently, ANA GranWhale is already preparing to debut its 2nd postulation of NFTs, featuring visuals of ANA’s renowned Boeing 787 aircraft. Each NFT volition showcase a meticulously crafted 3D exemplary of the aircraft, and is destined to pull collectors of past and aviation enthusiasts alike. With a memorable 1,574 items up for grabs, ANA’s committedness to celebrating its iconic craft shines done these integer assets, starting astatine 7,870 yen each. 

Moreover, the ANA NFT marketplace aims to go a groundbreaking virtual question platform, harnessing innovative technologies on-chain, going beyond NFTs and delving into virtual world and the Metaverse to bring planetary cultures and destinations to life.

With an awesome $12.2 cardinal gross successful its past fiscal year, ANA GranWhale is simply a strategical determination to capitalize connected heightened curiosity successful travel-inspired NFTs and pioneer different question experiences done the usage of galore blockchain technologies. 

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