NFT Gaming Goes Big Time as Nike Integrates .SWOOSH NFTs into EA Sports

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As the improvement of NFTs successful video games has continued to summation momentum implicit caller years, it was ever going to beryllium the involvement of immoderate genuinely large names that would truly get the shot rolling. Now, it seems that clip has come, with sports apparel giant, Nike, integrating it’s .SWOOSH NFTs into gaming goliath, Electronic Arts’, EA Sports ecosystem.

According to a caller Nike press release, these 2 manufacture heavyweights volition usage their corporate mightiness to “enhance the virtual sports acquisition for fans each implicit the world.” Effectively, allowing gamers to personalize and customize their EA Sports activities done the wide exertion of NFTs.

Expected to motorboat aboriginal successful the summer, the woody promises caller immersive experiences for holders of .SWOOSH NFTs. Exactly however they volition execute this, however, remains a tightly guarded secret.

“All of america astatine EA SPORTS are focused connected starring the adjacent improvement successful sports fandom, and this caller collaboration with our longtime partners astatine Nike sits straight astatine the intersection of innovation, sport, and culture,” “Working with .SWOOSH, we’ll bring creativity and self-expression to the forefront for fans arsenic they connect, vie and stock their emotion for sport.” – Andrea Hopelain – EA SPORTS

What’s In The Game? Only clip volition tell…@EASPORTS x .SWOOSH 🎮⚽️🏈🏆

— .SWOOSH (@dotSWOOSH) June 1, 2023

Nike’s .SWOOSH Platform connected the Rise

The quality of the caller EA Sports collaboration comes blistery disconnected the backmost of the inaugural NFT collection from the .SWOOSH project. Launching connected May 15, and contempt a fewer teething problems on the way, the level shifted astir 100k sneaker NFTs, raking successful implicit $1 cardinal on the way. Now however, acknowledgment to the epic caller concern with EA, these breathtaking integer assets volition see enhanced inferior done the sports gaming franchise.

For the wider NFT and Web3 gaming industry, this could so people a watershed moment, wherever immoderate of the biggest names successful the satellite statesman to instrumentality the exertion successful their stride.

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